What is Terrorism?

Today a Republican Congressman was shot.


  1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

I didn’t want to say this – really… but imagine Syed Ibrahim Uddin Hyder did this instead of a white male? It would be a wrap lol. The language in the news right now would be completely different.

Now look – we all belong to the same species. Whether your black, white, brown, asian or native. Even if you believe that you and I are different because of culture, I very well might be more similar to you than tons of people in your “race”. We are not all so different – now more than ever, we are the same.

If we can agree on the common human spirit in all of us, there are things that we should ALL be fighting collectively. Terrorism is that thing; it is the cancer of our species. It’s a scourge that necessitates borders, fuels heavy racism (PS: I have a funny border story – hit up the DMs) and destroys lives.

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Okay I’m just kidding. But humans really are as strong as our weakest link, and it’s the responsibility of everyone to fix a common problem. When the human body gets a cut on a finger, the entire body participates in the healing process. The brain sends pain signals immediately to prevent further damage. Surrounding tissues dilate their vessels to allow immune cells travelling from the spleen and bone marrow to clean and heal the wounds. It’s like magic.

Imagine the immune cells said, “No finger, this is your fault! Fix it yourself, I’m not helping! And if you can’t, I might cut you off!”. This would be kind of like the current state of affairs in our world.

People often focus their attention on anything other than solutions, either because it’s a difficult task or it hurts their view of the world. And that’s why fixing the core issue should ALWAYS be a priority. For example, the amount of media and political focus on Obama using slightly different acronyms for terrorist organizations baffles me. Neither does it make sense to pass around the blame of an insane act from one sane person to another.

Having grown up as a Muslim, when the blame of terrorism was pointed at us, the immediate response was “They’re not Muslim, don’t blame us!”. While there may be truth in the answer, it unfortunately reveals a fundamental flaw in how the human mind works. We should all be worried and focused on solving terrorism of all kinds instead of attacking and defending each other.

I will be the first to say Muslims NEED to be part of the solution – and much more than they are now. Why are Muslim countries not stepping up to battle terrorism? Why is there not a strong message across all Muslim mosques and communities that fighting terrorism and extreme views is an absolute priority? In my experience the elephant in the room is rarely – if ever – mentioned.

“Islamic Terrorism” is just one version of terrorism though. I urge us all – including myself – to try to be impartial and not look at is as “Us vs Them”. We’re all all human. Violent and politically motivated actions impact everyone. For example, in Iraq – a totally unjustified war, the United States killed 130,000 civilians. This mass murder is a terrorism and should be equally scrutinized.

In my experience through travelling, it becomes tougher to look generally at people across the world as separate, and put a blanket judgement on them as “evil” or “stupid”. You and I – and a random person in China, Peru, and Australia all share 99.9% of the exact same genetic code. And we’re out here spending most of our time selectively blaming or defending each others problems? With politically motivated violence (terrorism) in mind, we should collectively condemn all forms of it as a start.

If we’re not part of the solution, by analogy of the weakest link, we are part of the problem. And don’t forget I have just the solution – for FREE! Just pay shipping – LINK!

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